My name is Moritz and I am a composer for video games, film & tv. As an experienced musician and educated guitarist and pianist, I can rely on a wide range of musical knowledge, which enables me to compose fresh and original sounding music with combining different styles, such as classic, electronic, rock or jazz. Equipped with professional gear, know-how and musical sensitivity, I am able to find the right musical path for any project. You can reach me via social media or mail: contact(at)more-sound.net

Draco´s Misfortune - Game Music

Ataxia - Game Soundtrack

Mad World - Trailer Music

Undead World by HomoLudens

Flamefrost Legacy - Game Soundtrack

Darkbolt Demo - Music

Short Film - Composer

Space Face - Short Film - Composer

Toby´s Island - Additional Music

Super Buckyball Tournament (Pathea) - add. Soundtrack

Darkzone - Music

Brightseeker - Soundtrack

ABI - Game Soundtrack

Crossroads - Animation Short / Comic

Star Com Nexus - Soundtrack - Audio Impl./ WWise

Apopia - Game Soundtrack

Man on Mars - Documentary - Composer

Kubifaktorium - Game Soundtrack

TV Docu Series - Big Data - Additional Music

Animation Short - Composer

Luther, Michael & Her - Music

Michael, the gatekeeper (Animation/Comic) -Theme Music

High Roller - Soundtrack - Animation Short

Neolithic - Game Soundtrack


Sound Design:


  FILM & TV:   *additional Music / Arrangement / Orchestration


Wwise/Adaptive Music Demo Drones/Soundscape Kontakt Instrument: Artificer X (Progressive/Darksynth/Metal/Instrumental/Rock) Soundtrack: Space Face (Indie Short/Ammbience/Post-Rock) Soundtrack: Star Com Nexus (Game) Post-Rock/Shoegaze Album Synthwave/Outrun