My name is Moritz Sebastian and I am a composer for video games, film & tv. As an experienced musician and educated guitarist and pianist, I can rely on a wide range of musical knowledge, which enables me to compose fresh and original sounding music with combining different styles, such as classic, electronic, or jazz. Equipped with professional gear, know-how and musical sensitivity, I am able to find the right musical path for any project. You can reach me via social media or mail: contact(at)more-sound.net

Toby´s Island - Additional Music

Short Film - Composer

Animation Short - Composer

Kubifaktorium - Game Soundtrack

Aaron´s Adventure - Additional Music (Demo)

Draco´s Misfortune - Game Music

Darkzone - Music

Star Com Nexus - Soundtrack - Audio Impl./ WWise

Mad World - Trailer Music

TV Docu Series - Big Data - Additional Music

Undead World by HomoLudens

Conscript - Trailer

Ataxia - Game Soundtrack

Nor` Easter - Music

Space Face - Short Film - Composer

Neolithic - Game Soundtrack


Adaptive Music: Simple Demonstration Sound Design:


  FILM & TV:   *additional Music / Arrangement / Orchestration

More Stuff

Soundtrack: Space Face (Indie Short) Soundtrack: Star Com Nexus (Game) Post-Rock/Shoegaze Album Synthwave/Outrun/Cyberpunk Drones/Soundscape Instrument: